Leogane, Haiti

Images of a new Leogane

March 2012

Municipal Cockfighting Ring
Municipal Cockfighting Ring
Fights take place every Monday at 3pm were people from all over the city gather to bet and listen to occasional, live kompa bands.
Municipal Cockfighting Ring
Municipal Cockfighting Ring
Leogane’s cementery
A memorial was built by all hands volunteers to commemorate the first anniversary of the January 12th 2010 earthquake. The memorial is located outside the city’s cemetery.
Gerard Christophe Stadium
Former football stadium, Gerard Christophe became one of the largest tent cities in Leogane; internally displaced residents were forcefully evicted in late 2011.
La Marie
Leogane’s Mayor’s Office
The Mayor’s Office is the one the most representative buildings of the city. A banner hanging on the front of the building was one of the only activities of the Mayor’s Office to commemorate the earthquake’s second anniversary.
Belval plaza
An empty, quiet Belval Plaza was once home to hundreds of volunteers who came to Leogane to respond to the 2010 earthquake. Repairs to the building started in early 2012 and Belval Plaza will be turned into a hotel and night club (again).

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